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Indie Chicks

Aug 6, 2018

This episode is dedicated to the indie review of Devilish by Tricia Barr and an indie publishing Tip of the Week - Partnering w/Authors in Genre for Events

First, Lisa and I chatted about our week. We are really on a roll with writing! Lisa's working on her Motherboard series (cyberpunk), and I'm working on a young adult romance about an android who falls for a human. Our creative juices are flowing. Must be the heat? Well, maybe for me. I'm writing romance and, last I checked, Lisa was writing something gory. Yikes!

Next, I reviewed Devilish by Tricia Barr.

Here's the description of Devilish from the back cover:

Tired of Hell, the Devil has escaped his prison and come to Earth to revel in the pleasures of the light, eventually becoming somewhat of a feared celebrity.

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