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Indie Chicks

Jul 23, 2018

In this podcast episode, Lisa reviews a sci-fi satire from indie author, Scott A. Combs.

This episode is dedicated to the indie review of The Kili Wanna Affair: A Galactic Guild Comedy: George & Sali Adventures, Book 1 by Scott A. Combs and an indie publishing Tip of the Week - If you are writing a series or have more than one book, offer the first chapter of the second book at the end of your first/ other books!

First, Lisa and I chatted about our week. Correction! I talked about my week and then spaced out and forgot to ask Lisa about her week! Gah! I feel terrible! My apologies to my Indie Chick partner, Lisa. We reminded the listeners about the format for the podcast--we alternate between an indie book review and general self-publishing talk.

Next, Lisa reviewed The Kili Wanna Affair: A Galactic Guild Comedy by Scott A. Combs. The genre is science fiction satire told in the third person.

Sali Terri & George Shooters—two rookie officers from the Galactic Guild—find themselves in way over their heads with political intrigue, working to ratify a treaty with the cantankerous locals of a small planet called Kili Wanna. Every time an agreement is about to be reached with the current emperor, someone kills him off, nullifying the planet's induction into the Galactic Guild. The madness ramps up when outside influences take the matter into their own hands and flood the Podunk planet with junk food in an attempt to corrupt their simple lifestyle and force them into an alliance.

To read more (and for direct links to this book), visit!