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Indie Chicks

Jul 30, 2018

In this episode, Lisa and I discuss cover design for the independent author. Also, Lisa has a new Tip of the week on interior layout.  Listen in… EPISODE 7- Cover Design


First, Lisa and I chatted about our weeks. I have been working hard on improving our Indie Chicks website. Mark, my husband, also a website design professor, approved of my latest work. I guess I get an 'A'! As far as writing, we are both making good headway on our WIPs. Lisa's got some cool cyberpunk stuff she's working on and I'm full-steam into a fun YA android-human romance.

Next, we dove into the main topic for this episode—Cover design! We first talked about our experiences with cover design. This was my major mistake the first time around. The first two covers of the Fireflies Trilogy were illustrated. I wasn't happy with them. It wasn't necessarily because the covers were bad, but I just didn't think they captured the essence of my books. So, I decided on a complete redo with the release of my third book in the trilogy. Now, they feature gorgeous photographed models and some spiffy photoshopping. Since I have photographs, I chose a glossy finish for my physical books. I couldn't be happier. The moral: You'll make mistakes in self-publishing. It happens. Don't settle, though. Remember that you dove into self-publishing for more control over your book. You have it.


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