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Indie Chicks

Jul 2, 2018

In this podcast episode, Lisa and I talk about the choices every writer faces after writing a manuscript. Listen in... Episode 3 – You’ve Written Your Manuscript, Now What?

This episode is dedicated to decision-making, planning, and goal-setting for writers with a completed manuscript as well as an indie publishing Tip of the Week – Don’t rush your launch date!

First, Lisa and I chatted about our week. Lisa was in Hawaii of all places! I (Melissa), unfortunately, wasn’t.  But, I was hard at work making sure the Indie Chicks website was ready for official launch. Lisa also gave me a crash course in search engine optimization (SEO). We will likely cover SEO in a future podcast, but if you want to read a great article about SEO right now, here you go - SEO for Authors by guest poster and author, David K Roberts.

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