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Indie Chicks

Jun 15, 2018

n this bonus episode, Lisa interviews Melissa about her book, Fireflies. Listen in...


Lisa and I are still getting our podcast legs, but we sure are excited about our show! In this bonus episode, we once again introduce ourselves and summarize what we have in store for you. There will be two seasons of the Indie Chicks podcast each year during the summer and winter. During our shows, we will highlight important independent publishing issues and dilemmas that either our listeners or we have faced, reviews of independent authors including some interviews, and end each show with a Publishing Tip of the Week.


Lisa had some great questions for me during our interview for my YA, sci-fi, romance novel, Fireflies. I'm a hopeless romantic, especially when it comes to books, so I was thrilled that Lisa had taken a shine to it. Some of the questions she asked me were about how I conceptualized the idea for Fireflies, my love of dialogue, the setting, my writing process, and my journey to publication. There was also an uncomfortable question about whether or not I was prom queen in high school. Lastly, Lisa reviewed my book, and here it is!


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